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eWe focus on Ethical Branding by Empowering Handloom Artisans

Don’t just Dress up, feel the Soul

eWe is in a mission to be the authentic brand for Handloom, Handspun and Handmade craftsmanship of India. eWe brings items having handloom tag from government of India, khadi mark of purity and also items from traditional weavers & makers. eWe gives a touch of fashion and brand to these outfits to make it as the fresh trend. The ethical mode of operation of eWe not only for popularizing the hand woven and handmade products but can also serves as a guarantee for the buyer that the product being purchased is genuinely made from India.The looms in India have been at work for over 5,000 years. The imagery of the loom is woven into our poetry – from the Vedas to our folk ballads. So powerful is the spinning wheel, that the charkha became one of the symbols of the struggle for India’s independence. The forms of the loom kept changing but handwoven cloth was and is an intrinsic part of the warp and weft of India’s intangible cultural heritage.

India has a long tradition of excellence in making high quality handloom products with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship, which are unparalleled in the world. The intricate workmanship of the handlooms provides this segment a unique identity of its own. India’s diverse geography & culture has been a root to it being a rich repertoire of art, crafts and handlooms. Adopting handloom in clothes and furnishings is not just about preserving and reviving traditions but also about owning something that is handcrafted. Globally, luxury is increasingly about that which is not produced in factories but made by human hands and that which is organic. Handloom can also be luxury in the strictest sense of the term. 

Handloom is an art. It is an art that involves persistence besides tremendous skill and effort. There is such spectacular craftsmanship involved in fabrics woven all across India. Nonetheless, the sad truth is, despite handloom being a part of India’s legacy since time immemorial; many weavers still struggle to make their ends meet. In fact, more often than not, the entire family of the weaver sweats it out, engaging themselves in the weaving process. Each time we buy a handloom product, we are actually doing our bit and contributing to the survival of that family, empowering them, as well as keeping the ancient craft and heritage of India upright.  A handloom/ handicraft buyer hence is more than just a consumer; he or she plays a role in a larger movement of imbibing a sustainable lifestyle.

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